Chart the Basics Class

Are you on the fence about fertility awareness?

You aren't sure how ready you are to commit to learning fertility awareness for health or family planning. 

You want to learn the basics of charting your cycle without feeling overwhelmed with information. 

You're a mom who wants to share the basics of charting the menstrual cycle with your daughter and aren't sure where to start. 

This class will teach you the basics of charting your menstrual cycle focusing on cervical mucus as a primary biomarker. 

Class Covers:

The basics of the FEMM protocol & charting for health



-Understand the critical role of hormones in the cycle

-Learn how to observe biomarkers to identify hormonal changes, key cycle events, and other indicators of health and fertility

-Understand the cycle as an indicator of overall health

-Learn phases of the cycle and dominant hormonal activity in each phase

-Learn what biomarker observations within each phase are considered healthy

-Understand the cycle as a holistic fertile process

-Relation of cycle biomarkers to ovulation and fertility


Course workbook: detailing cycle biomarkers, tests for hormonal activity, normal cycle patterns, and more

Cervical mucus picture book with descriptions

General information on LH testing, PdG testing, BBT, & Femtech


Does not comprehensively cover LH testing/charting, which is part of the complete FEMM protocol. 

Does not include: Charting for Health (Full Protocol), Family Planning Protocol, Post-Partum Protocol, or Syncing the Cycle with Exercise Protocol. 


Email support provided (minimal), but no 1:1 Basic Chart Reviews are available with this class. 

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