Charting for Health Workshop

Are you reaching your health goals?


Fertility Awareness: You want to become aware of your cycle patterns. You want to be in tune with your body's natural cycle shifts. Learn how to chart for reproductive health and biomarker awareness.


Hormonal Balance: You are concerned you have a hormonal imbalance and want to understand and address cycle symptoms. Learn to identify normal cycle patterns, red flags, and how to address cycle issues.


This workshop is perfect for you if you want to understand your reproductive health, manage cycle symptoms, sync your cycle to your lifestyle, advocate for yourself at the doctor, and begin a lifelong habit of tuning in to your body's personal cycle data.

Workshop Bundle (4 Classes):

Intro: Learn about FEMM as a model for reproductive healthcare, RHRI, the many options for charting protocols, and what it means to chart your cycle.

FEMM Classes Basic & Expert: Go from an inexperienced charter to a confident charter able to decipher your daily biomarkers with ease.

Lifestyle Syncing Class: Get tips to sync your lifestyle, nutrition, & exercise to your cycle phases.



-Learn the parts and function of reproductive anatomy, and the physiology of ovulation

-Understand the critical role of hormones in the cycle

-Learn how to observe biomarkers to identify hormonal changes, key cycle events, and other indicators of health and fertility

-Understand the cycle as an indicator of overall health

-Learn phases of the cycle and dominant hormonal activity in each phase

-Learn what biomarker observations within each phase are considered healthy

-Understand the cycle as a holistic fertile process

-Charting exercises to review information


3 months of unlimited email support for basic questions

3 private, 30 minute chart review sessions (scheduled on your time)

Downloadable Handouts:

LH testing protocol

PdG testing protocol

CM picture bank with descriptions

BBT protocol

Femtech Infographic


*This workshop is shared via recorded presentations. Handouts are included to support learning at your own pace. Does NOT include: Family Planning Protocol, Cycle-Syncing Workouts, or Post-Partum Protocol.

Private chart reviews are scheduled via the Acuity Calendar (Basic Chart Review for Current Clients) within 6 months of the workshop's end.