In 5 classes or less, learn to chart your menstrual cycle to: 

  • monitor your health

  • plan your family

  • manage your PMS symptoms

  • sync your life with your cycle

  • become body literate

  • understand & love your incredible female design

For Every Woman With A Menstrual Cycle

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Can you speak female?

True or False

  • Your body tells you about your health through cycle biomarkers and symptoms.

  • You can tell when you're fertile by monitoring your cycles so you can try to avoid or achieve pregnancy.

  • Periods should be easy and PMS symptoms like cramps, acne, mood swings, bloating, exhaustion, should not ruin your life.  

  • Your hormones influence why sometimes you feel social and confident and other times want to curl up in bed alone.

  • Hormonal birth control does not "regulate" your cycle, but instead shuts it down entirely. 

  • Your natural hormones are important for your health and wellbeing, but they are only all produced in a natural, ovulatory cycle. 

Hint: They're all true.


Dive into the world of fertility awareness and the FEMM protocol with this prerecorded intro session.

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Become an Instructor

You love all things fertility awareness & want to learn how to become a certified instructor. Learn about the various methods & what option may be best for you. 

Sync Your 

Learn how to change the intensity of your workouts to support the natural hormonal shifts in your cycle.

Listen to this

The majority of women either experience disruptive PMS symptoms, struggle with infertility, or suffer from side effects of hormonal birth control.

I know what it's like because I've been there myself! 


Unfortunately, few women realize that that is not normal!  In 2015, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists declared the female menstrual cycle the fifth vital sign. Our heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, and breathing rate are the other four. All vital signs have normal parameters that indicate the status of our health. Guess what, the menstrual cycle has its own normal parameters! 

Here's the thing, women cannot monitor their vital signs if they don't have the information to understand them. We know healthy parameters for our other vitals signs. So how do we know if our cycle is healthy? That's where charting the menstrual cycle comes in.

Charting gives you insight into:

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Fertile days (news flash, women are not fertile every day of their cycle)

  • Normal versus abnormal cycle patterns

  • Ovulation

  • Red flags for potential miscarriages

  • Contributors to PMS and cycle symptoms

  • Disease & illness

  • And so much more

Your menstrual cycle affects your reproductive health and your overall health. Finally, understand your fifth vital sign! Take the first step in body literacy and learn to chart your cycle. Take charge of your fertility and your health the natural way! 

Tell me your goal

Natural Family Planning

Use fertility awareness to determine your fertile vs infertile days. Avoid or achieve pregnancy with up to 98% efficacy. 

Hormonal Health

Learn to understand your body's fertile signs and biomarkers. Observe the state of your reproductive and hormonal health.

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Meet your teacher

That's me! Hi, I'm Mairead. I'm a board certified Athletic Trainer, and a Fertility Awareness Instructor, trained in the FEMM protocol. I have years of experience both using and teaching FEMM for optimal health, cycle awareness, body literacy, and natural family planning. 

Why I do what I do

Many women believe that their bodies are a mystery that will never be figured out. Hormones are something to be feared and periods are an invention of the devil.

That is not true!

Mysterious as they may seem, our bodies do make sense and our hormones are a wonderful tool that we can learn to use to our advantage.


Once we do that, periods become a simple part of our lives that we can (almost) forget about.

I want you to know that you don't have to stay in the dark about your body. You can learn to understand and work with your incredible reproductive system - and it really won't be difficult! 

My ultimate goal is to educate women about their health and fertility, thereby providing them with the knowledge necessary to make informed healthcare decisions. I want every woman, young and old, to understand and embrace her incredible God-given, life-giving design. At Lumina Health Services, I arm women with knowledge of their reproductive system and inspire them to participate in their healthcare. Here's to your unique health journey!

Your body talks. Learn how to listen.


"Very helpful. Mairead is patient, well educated, great with answering questions. Professional. Glad I discovered this service and highly recommend the educational enlightenment to all women curious about taking more control of their cycle and overall health."

— Lisa