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​​Learn to chart your menstrual cycle & take charge of your health.
Get the truth about your hormones & support your cycles with holistic lifestyle shifts.

On-Demand Video Courses

Private 1:1 Support

Sustainable Lifestyle Shifts

Your cycles do not have to be a mystery.

Without knowledge of your cycles, symptoms like:

  • painful cramps 

  • hormonal acne

  • irregular cycles

  • mood swings

  • debilitating fatigue


cause frustration and confusion

Often the only solution offered is the pill.

With knowledge of your cycles, you can:


  • monitor your health

  • heal your symptoms

  • regulate your hormones

  • support your body

  • know when to rest vs push

which leaves you in control

You have many solutions available.

Let's get started!

Choose your course


Charting for Health

Learn to chart from scratch with the FEMM method to support regular, healthy cycles.


Family Planning

Learn to chart from scratch with the FEMM method for both health & family planning.


In case you're wondering who runs this joint...

Meet your guide

That's me! Hi, I'm Mairead. I'm an allied health professional and fertility awareness educator, trained in the FEMM protocol. Since 2015, I have personally used and taught FEMM for holistic health, cycle awareness, and natural family planning. 

I know what it's like to be confused about your cycles and in pain on your period. That was me before I started charting with FEMM . . . 


Kickstart your hormonal healing

I know you're the kind of woman who wants to listen to your body and trust that you can make the best decisions for your health.

In order to tune in to your body, you've got to first understand how your hormones affect you mentally and physically. That's where charting your cycle comes in!

The problem is that there's so much information, you don't know where to begin. It's overwhelming and confusing, to say the least.

I believe you deserve the truth about your health and fertility, so you can make informed decisions without the overwhelm. You're capable of understanding and embracing your incredible God-given, life-giving design. 

That's why I started, Lumina! I became certified to teach charting so I could shortcut that learning process. You'll go from confused, frustrated, & hurting to illuminated, relieved, and healing in record speeds.  

Let me help you understand your cycle's signals!

Start by learning the FEMM charting method to help you understand your cycle, get to the root cause of any imbalances, and begin to heal. Then, connect with a certified FEMM teacher to receive one-on-one support. Finally, make sustainable lifestyle shifts to support your health. 

No more pain and confusion coupled with pills you don't want. Instead, experience clarity and trust in your body. 

Learn to chart your cycles. Get the guidance you need to succeed. Implement lifestyle shifts to support your health.


"Very helpful. Mairead is patient, well educated, great with answering questions. Professional. Glad I discovered this service and highly recommend the educational enlightenment to all women curious about taking more control of their cycle and overall health."

— Lisa

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