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Charting Your Cycle: Why It's the Daily Health Check You Need

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

It’s been a while since I shared my thoughts on the blog. But as I’m approaching the new year, I’ve been channeling my energy into some big goals! This time of reflection gave me a good boost of motivation to start publishing more of my content here.

I’m very active over on Instagram, but as with all platforms, change is constant and I am finding renewed appreciation for the authority I have on my website.

Now more than ever, it is important for information pertaining to health and body literacy to be shared freely. And fertility awareness is an essential piece of this knowledge for women

My mission as a certified FEMM instructor is to:

  1. Help you understand your cycle and your body.

  2. Advocate for informed consent.

  3. Unlock the root cause approach to healing..

I truly believe that fertility awareness will change women’s healthcare as we know it.

It’s Time To Stop Settling

How many women do you know, perhaps yourself included, who go to a doctor completely blind to their body and their health? And they come out with little to no more information than they walked in with.⠀

They don’t understand what they’re experiencing versus what’s normal. ⠀

They aren’t told all of their options based on their diagnosis. ⠀

Many are treated through symptom management instead of with a root cause protocol. ⠀

What’s even worse, many women feel coerced into a prescription or treatment plan because they “can’t understand the details.”

Let me give you an example.

You experience wicked migraines every month around ovulation. Your doctor tells you to take pain killers. The migraines go away. You've fixed the symptoms, but not the diagnosis. In fact, you still don't know why the symptoms are there in the first place. You've certainly not solved the problem at the source! And you likely weren’t given informed consent.

Now, this isn’t because the doctor or your healthcare provider didn’t care about you. The more likely reason for this is that both of you were operating from limited information.

So, what’s the solution? ⠀⠀

It’s Time To Start Digging

According to the W.H.O., informed consent is "a voluntary, well-considered decision that an individual makes on the basis of options, information, and understanding." ⠀

Here in the health space we talk alot about informed consent. Why is it such an important part of the conversation? ⠀

Because you cannot make a well-considered decision about your health without full understanding of your condition, your options to treat it, the pros and cons to all those options, and the ability to voluntarily choose what to do.

Now, it won’t happen overnight, but with some intentional time and good resources, you will be able to make a well-considered decision. And charting to understand your cycle health is one of the best first steps you can take. My free intro course is a great place to start!

Charting gives you an accurate representation of what's going on in your body.

I like to think of charting like a daily health check.

Let’s break it down.

Your Chart Is Your Daily Health Check

Healthy cycles have parameters. Not the “28 day cycle, ovulate on day 14” parameters that the textbooks quote. Yes, women certainly experience those textbook cycles, but the reality is that cycles are varied and unique in each woman.

How do you know if your cycle is normal or not?

  1. Chart with a fertility awareness method like FEMM, NOT a predictive app, NOT a period tracker app.

  2. Learn the biomarkers of the cycle so you can understand: cycle phases, ovulation, hormonal imbalances, fertility, PMS, etc.

Once you understand normal, you can gauge your cycle and use it as a tool to monitor your health. Not experiencing a healthy ovulatory cycle? You now have the evidence you need to bring your concerns to a healthcare professional.

Charting Helps You Find the Care You Deserve

So, let’s revisit that example I outlined in the beginning… But instead of going in blind, you now have an understanding of a normal cycle and are armed with your unique charts that offer information on where you might be struggling.

You have definitive proof that something is off and it’s not just “in your head.”

Your doctor now has more information at hand to help you. They are better equipped to address cycle-related concerns by reading your charts and listening to your concerns.

Your doctor is able to identify that you have excess estrogen that is causing your migraines. Now, instead of offering you painkillers, your doctor helps you seek the specific treatment you need to restore optimal hormone levels.

The result? Your hormones are working as they were designed to and you are migraine-free!

Start Learning Today

A healthy cycle impacts more than reproduction or relationships. The hormones your body produces throughout the cycle influence your brain tissue and function, energy, moods, bone density, weight, metabolism, sleep habits… the list goes on!

Understanding your cycle is NOT just for those trying to conceive. It is for every woman.

YOU are the one living in your body with your symptoms and unique concerns.

You have the power to be equipped and knowledgeable.

You have the power to find the care you deserve.

You have the power to choose the treatment options that are best for your condition.


Ready to take the next step? Sign up for my free intro course where you'll learn the basics of charting your cycle!

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