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Your Choice: Freedom From Your Physiology or Freedom To Be Your Whole Self

When hormonal birth control (HBC) became mainstream, it was hailed as women’s ticket to an equal seat at the table, alongside men. Today, this narrative continues.

We’re told over and over again, from tv and radio advertisements, to magazine articles and university health courses, that THIS is the magic pill. This is what finally bestowed “true” freedom to women.

You want complete control over your fertility? Let’s get you on the pill.

You dream of being in a successful leadership position? The pill is your best choice.

Acne? Irregular cycles? Painful cramps? Take the pill and your struggles will be over. If not, we will just try another pharmaceutical brand.

It’s the one-size-fits-all-cure-all solution, the “gold standard” in modern medicine for most women’s health-related concerns.

But is it? What is the pill giving us freedom from?

Our unique physiology.

Why the Pill Isn’t Really Healthcare At All

You see, when women are put on HBC, we are stripped of our natural cycles and hormones.

Nevermind the fact that this does not actually fix the concern it was diagnosed for, nor the fact that it was never intended as a cure all. The pill is toxic, carcinogenic, and negatively influences multiple major systems in the body.

And the fact that it is not as effective as women are told is just marketing at its worst.

I find it ironic that a woman’s fertility and ability to bear children are seen as an inconvenience, when a healthy man is fertile 24/7.

The pill places responsibility on the female required to take it. It suggests that men (who are 50% of the equation) should not be required to alter their lifestyle or change their priorities in order to plan their family.

The freedom that is quietly prioritized here, is the freedom of males to avoid taking part in responsible parenthood.

Why The Pill Is Oppression

Turn off this key feature of your humanity and femininity and you’ll be free.
The pill is just a little ‘off switch’ for your reproductive system!
Change your very nature, and then you can fit in and be successful.
Now, you’re equal.
This is female empowerment!”


Is this a symptom of a world that doesn’t support the feminine design?

These lies are not only harmful to women, they are harmful to our culture and world as a whole.

This is not freedom. This is oppression.

Women are inherently equal to men in value and dignity. Equal does not mean identical, nor should it.

Women are meant to be embraced whole, natural cycle included.

Building a New Culture of True Freedom for Women

A culture that truly values women’s freedom and health would support every aspect of feminine design. It would champion women having the freedom to be the most genuine versions of their humanity. It would champion our flexibility to live in alignment with your unique physiology, at home and/or in the workplace.

True feminism is creative. True feminism advocates for the unique roles of women in their homes, immediate community, and globally. That looks like respect, honor, and support regardless of whether you choose to stay in the home, have a career or a mix of both.

HBC has created this mindset that women can only contribute if they are able to do so in the same manner and schedule as a man. Newsflash: we do not all have to work in the exact same style or on the same schedule in order to achieve success or our desired goals. Honestly, I believe that men and women alike could benefit from creating more flexibility in society. The 8-5 hustle culture of working until you’re dead is toxic and unhealthy. But that’s a conversation for another day…

True feminism values women for who they are, without comparison to men. This builds a culture that encourages complementarity instead of competition, dignity instead of degradation, and mutual respect.

Education Empowers

So, what are the action steps that make this kind of culture that embraces the full feminine design in all its God-given glory possible?!

Education. Education. Education.

Instead of offering women the Pill, what if we taught them about their cycle? What if we treated it like a second language that would help them navigate their life with clarity and purpose? What if we encouraged and equipped our sisters, daughters, and friends with the understanding that this is a gift to steward and care for, not a burden to repress, ignore, or be ashamed by.

FEMM is the Fertility Awareness Method that I teach.

It is a daily practice that allows women to monitor their reproductive biomarkers in order to determine their health and fertility. It does NOT rely solely on calendars, apps, or femtech. There are many methods that fall under the umbrella of Fertility Awareness Methods, each with its own rules and efficacy rates.

The charting method I use and teach in particular focuses on cervical mucus as a primary biomarker with the addition of LH to support observations. Many women choose to add BBT or progesterone testing as well as a cross-check ovulation. Don’t worry, if some of these words sound like gibberish to you, you’re not alone. And, you’re in the right place. I break all of this down into easy to understand, actionable information in my courses. I also have a lot of free resources on my Instagram page and blog, and a free intro course to get you started on the right path!

Start Charting Today

Educating women on the female cycle puts the power of information in our hands. We are able to evaluate the risk/benefit and analysis based on our unique health, lifestyle, and beliefs.

Charting provides an understanding of the differences between men and women, both for the sake of societal roles and contributions, but also health. I believe women have a place in the workforce and leadership positions. I also believe we shouldn’t be shut out from those positions simply because we desire to be a mother and run a household. This is an “and/both” situation.

Remember: Your value does NOT lie in your gender, how productive you are, how many kids you have, or don’t have, how much money you make, etc.

You are valuable because God willed you into existence. You are worthy of the freedom to be your whole self, cycle and all... no off button required.

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